Ashish Tulsian

Co-Founder & CEO, Posist

It was the year 2010, when Ashish invested in a restaurant while he was successfully running a telecom company. Once he got into the business, Ashish realized that running a restaurant is not as glamorous as it seems to be. It requires an extra effort to manage every part involved with the business starting from inventory to customer service. Being a tech person, Ashish thought of utilizing technology to help him manage the business; so he was out in the market to look for ready-made software which could aid them in operations. Ashish was surprised to find that there was no such product in the industry provided. There are companies as old as 25 years and are into providing hospitality and service-oriented software. This compelled Ashish to pull-out two employees from tech-team to build the initial prototype of the required software. And that is how POSist – a leading online POS, Restaurant Management software was created.

Expertise: Software | Resource Planning | ERP