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Event Agenda

Session 1

Speaker: Samiran Gupta
  1. How Internet works and is governed?
    • How does internet work?
    • How is internet governed?
    • How can you contribute towards better governance of internet?

Session 2

Speaker: Deepak Daftari
  1. Domain is not just a name - How to make your domain name a strategic advantage?
    • Do's and Don't for choosing your domain name
    • Does it make sense to buy high value domain name?
    • Domain name disputes
Speaker: Mohan Ram
  1. What every CEO needs to know about cloud?
    • Why use cloud hosting - Is cloud hosting safe? - Is cloud hosting cheaper?
    • When to use cloud over dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS, etc.? And what are the advantages/disadvantages
    • How to use the cloud for various practical use cases - backup, application hosting, website hosting, email hosting, etc.?
    • How to maintain control over your digital assets?
Speaker: Bharat Berlia
  1. Does Your Business Need A Mobile App? Some tough questions to ask yourself
    • Do you need an app for your business?
    • Types of apps a business may need.
    • What to keep in mind while developing an app?

Session 3

Speaker: Avlesh Singh
  1. Marketing Automation - The secret weapon
    • What is marketing automation?
    • How is it the secret weapon for small business?
    • Why leadership, sales, and marketing needs to work closely together
Speaker: Pallav Nadhani
  1. Marketing KPIs - What matters and what does not?
    • Metrics vs KPIs: What’s the difference?
    • Metrics and KPIs for profit and cost
    • Metrics and KPIs for customer value and success
Speaker: Ashish Tulsian
  1. How to Maximize Your Online Leads To Sales conversion rate?
    • How to Drive Sales with your existing leads?
    • What assets an SME should have to drive engagement with leads?
    • Best tools to manage your lead generation and closures

Session 4

Speaker: Aashish Chopra
  1. How to create viral content?
    • What does Viral Content mean?
    • Anatomy of viral content
    • Case studies of past viral content

Session 5

Speaker: Mukesh Agarwal
  1. Website Platform - Custom Development or Content Management System?
    • Identify and differentiate your need between website and web-application
    • Understand the difference between framework and CMS
    • Asking the right questions to pick the right technology

Session 6

Speaker: Abhishek Shah
  1. Driving ecommerce transactions using paid marketing
Speaker: Santosh Panda
  1. Creating trust through personal branding
    • Why personal branding is important?
Speaker: Vaibhav Kakkar
  1. Streamlining your marketing using smart tools
    • How competitor analysis has become easy with digital
    • Tools you must have to get started

Session 7

Speaker: Ajay Bakshi
  1. Empowering workforce using digital
    • Why digital is must for employees productivity
    • Use cases for employees growth
    • How Empowered Employees Drive Business Performance
Speaker: Harshvardhan Kariwala
  1. Enabling process excellence and control using digital
    • How can you get started with managing compliance over digital
    • What are the compliance's you must manage over digital
    • Tools or hacks to get started
Speaker: Somak Shome
  1. Every Business Is Vulnerable To Cyber Threat. What can you do to safeguard yours?

Session 8

Speaker: Umesh Bhutoria
  1. IoT and Analytics - The potent combination to optimize your business operations
Speaker: Aji Issac Mathew
  1. Round Up Keynote and Digital Success Summit'19 announcement

Session 9

  1. Video of Future

Doers As Speakers


Shri. Debashis Sen

IAS, Additional Chief Secretary,
IT & E Dept.,
Govt. of West Bengal


Aashish Chopra

Vice President Content


Samiran Gupta

Head of India,


Ajay Bakshi

Chief Digital Officer,
Aegis Ltd.


Pallav Nadhani

Founder & CEO,
FusionCharts & Collabion


Santosh Panda

Founder & CEO,


Syna Dehnugara

Features Editor at CNBC-TV18
Co-author of Young Turks


Ashish Tulsian

Co-Founder & CEO,


Mohan Ram

Partnerships Manager,
Digital Ocean


Viresh Oberoi

Founder & former CEO & MD,


Avlesh Singh



Vaibhav Kakkar

NotifyFox & RankWatch Inc.


Mukesh Agarwal

CEO & Co-Founder,


Deepak Daftari

Director & CEO,


Abhishek Shah

Director & Co-Founder,
ConversionX Co


Srish Agrawal

Founder & CEO,
A1 Future Technologies


Somak Shome

Cyber Security, PwC India


Harshvardhan Kariwala

Founder & CEO,
VComply Inc.


Umesh Bhutoria

EnergyTech Ventures


Ravi Ranjan

Entrepreneurship, Evangelist, Ex NASSCOM,
Indian Angel Network


Bharat Berlia

Indus Net Technologies


Abhishek Rungta

Indus Net Technologies


Aji Issac Mathew

Indus Net TechShu

Video Insights

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Event Location

JA-1 Sector III, Salt Lake City
Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700 098

Syed Zainul Haque



Ishani Das